At GLOBALISE, we highly value collaborations, both with scholars, citizen scientists, artists and others interested in the VOC material. This page provides an overview of current collaborations and lists opportunities to work with us, for example as a guest researcher or intern. Please feel free to drop us a line through our contact form with your questions or to talk over forms of collaboration.

Work with us

We invite students, scholars, and citizen scientists to collaborate with us in unlocking the VOC archives. Whether you’re interested in working with our existing materials or enhancing them by curating datasets and developing training materials for our Named Entity Recognition (NER) models, we welcome partnerships at various stages of the project.

Also, we frequently host datasprints, where we work collaboratively with scholars and citizen scientists to expand or refine datasets pivotal to the accessibility of VOC sources. These sessions offer a platform to exchange insights and acquaint oneself with emerging digital methodologies. Stay informed about upcoming datasprints through our Events page and newsletter.

We aim to enable users of the GLOBALISE research infrastructure to add their own annotations to the material. However, this is currently not yet possible. More information will follow.


We generally have one or two places per semester available for interns to work on their final assignment or thesis research in the following fields:

  • Early Modern History of the Indian Ocean Region and Asia
  • Dutch East India Company History
  • Application of and / or Reflections on Data and Information Science / Digital History Techniques
  • Archival Afterlives and Decolonisation

Please contact us if you’re interested in doing an internship.

User panel

We regularly consult our user panel for feedback on our plans for the GLOBALISE research infrastructure. The user panel meets in varying compositions. The following people have participated in sessions:

Muhammad Asyrafi
Lennart Bes
Susan Broomhall
Thomas Dresscher
Kate Ekama

Alexander Geelen
Liesbeth Keijser
Paul Phillip van der Linde
Ariel Lopez
Maarten Manse

Tristan Mostert
Pichayapat Naisupap
Meenu Rabecca
Sophie Rose
Pouwel van Schooten

Alicia Schrikker
Lidia Sztahura
Bram Tanczos
Hanna te Velde
Adrian Warsinski