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Blog posts


The list below shows datasets produced within the project. These are published on Dataverse, along with external datasets that we receive and process within the project.


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Guest lectures

  • Nijman, Brecht, & Petram, Lodewijk. (27 and 28 November 2023). Guest lecture at the lecture series ‘Kernvak 2 Master Geschiedenis‘, University of Amsterdam.
  • Petram, Lodewijk. (22 April 2022). Guest lecture at the lecture series ‘Nederlandse bronnen als venster op de wereld‘, Leiden University.


  • GLOBALISE data sprint: What on Earth is This? Defining, Labeling and Classifying Early Modern Commodities. (4 December 2023). Amsterdam.
  • GLOBALISE HTR launch. (4 October 2023). Amsterdam.
  • GLOBALISE data sprint: Mapping Places in the Indian Ocean World. (15 May 2023). Amsterdam.
  • GLOBALISE user panel, first meeting for researchers from outside the Netherlands. (10 May 2023). Online.
  • GLOBALISE user panel, third meeting. (8 May 2023). Amsterdam.
  • GLOBALISE user panel, second meeting. (19 December 2022). Amsterdam.
  • GLOBALISE seminar: Historical Events and Frames Annotation Processes. (28 November 2022). Amsterdam.
  • GLOBALISE user panel, first meeting. (8 November 2022). Amsterdam.
  • GLOBALISE seminar: Classification of Historical Data and Collections. (31 October 2022). Amsterdam.
  • GLOBALISE seminar: Writing Global Histories with the VOC Archives. (26 September 2022). Amsterdam.
  • GLOBALISE seminar: Entity Modelling and Historical Observations. (27 June 2022). Amsterdam.
  • GLOBALISE seminar: Entity Linking and (the Trouble of) Historical Data. (30 May 2022). Amsterdam.
  • GLOBALISE kick-off meeting. (11 May 2022). Amsterdam.