Share your data

Do you have data that could be relevant to GLOBALISE?

We collect data on a range of subjects to improve our Named Entity Recognition (NER) models and to contextualize entities (such as persons, places, commodities and ships) and events (such as voyages, wars, instances of resistance) mentioned in the sources. Relevant data sets could be lists of inhabitants of a certain region, data on natural disasters and their occurrences, or on diplomatic correspondences, to mention only a few examples.

By making your data available for GLOBALISE, you ensure its durable storage. Additionally, your data might become more accessible and (re)usable as a result of our curation and linkage with other data sets. All data is securely handled and incorporated into the GLOBALISE data corpus and if we use data for NER development or historical contextualization, we clearly documented this in our GitHub.

Please do not hesitate to drop Merve Tosun a line at with your questions or to discuss the terms of your data deposit.

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