Research and training

Interested in joining the project as guest researcher, volunteer or intern?

We welcome students, scholars and citizen scientists to join our efforts to unlock the VOC archives. We are open to collaborations on varying levels in different phases of the project in order to further curate the rich corpus of data, and develop our Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) and Named Entity Recognition (NER) models.

Perfecting HTR and NER quality is crucial for getting optimal results for research queries. This requires a large amount of training data and in-depth review of preliminary results. We recognize the real value that volunteers can add to GLOBALISE with their time and effort put into correcting and enriching HTR and NER results as readers of old Dutch and / or specialists on related historical subjects.

Simultaneously, this is an opportunity for historians and interested public worldwide to work with historical sources and data at the intersection of national and world history as part of the GLOBALISE community, and benefit from the diverse expertise of a wide network of scholars.

We also encourage students of history, data science or computer science to get in touch with us for research and training opportunities as part of an internship, final assignment or master’s thesis.

Specific calls for collaboration will be advertised in our newsletter and on our website.

In the meantime, please feel free to drop Merve Tosun a line at with your questions or to talk over forms of collaboration.

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