GLOBALISE newsletter 4

11 October 2022
User panel meetings, new blog post and seminars
Seminar: "Classification of Historical Data and Collections"
31 OCTOBER 2022
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Shannon van Muijden
Datamanager | Zuiderzeemuseum
“Classification and Linked Data for Heritage Collections”
Toine Pieters
Professor | Utrecht University
“Classification of pharmaceutical and botanical data in TimeCapsule”
Kay Pepping
Junior Researcher | GLOBALISE
“Creating a commodity classification for the Indian Ocean World”
Blog: Automatic Event Detection in Early Modern Dutch (VOC) Documents: the Annotation Phase

GLOBALISE colleague and NLP developer Stella Verkijk writes about our trials with events and frames annotation in this recent blog post.
Scan of VOC document (left) and notes of frames we detected during the pilot (right).
Join a GLOBALISE muster!

We are currently exploring different ways to design the GLOBALISE research hub interface. In order to best align the future research hub with user needs, we are organising user panel meetings with researchers, (amateur) historians, heritage specialists and other interested parties.


In upcoming sessions in November and December, we want to reflect on topics such as current research methodologies, uses of the VOC archives, and experiences with similar digital history tools.


Interested in joining these conversations about how a future GLOBALISE research hub could look like? Contact us!

Each muster stands alone and requires a maximum time commitment of 3-4 hours.

If Stella’s blog post sparked your interest in historical event detection, or perhaps prompted new questions on the topic: we have good news for you! The last seminar of this year will be on processes of historical events and frames annotation, with perhaps already some updates on our annotation process!
Seminar: "Historical Events and Frames Annotation Processes"
28 NOVEMBER 2022
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Jens Aurich
PhD Researcher | International Institute for Social History

“Finding and Annotating Collective Labour Actions in Newspapers with INCEpTION”

Stella Verkijk
Developer | GLOBALISE

“Towards Automatic Event Detection in VOC Documents”

Get to know us!

At GLOBALISE, we work in a growing team of historians and developers. We would like you to get to know the people behind the project better, which is why we will introduce each of our colleagues in this and upcoming newsletters. Now up: Sterre Berentzen and Andy Houwer from work package 3: Historical Contextualisation.
Sterre Berentzen

At GLOBALISE, I am part of the Historical Contextualisation team, which means I mainly focus on the input, control and enrichment of data from the digitized archives of the VOC, source publications and other research tools.

In addition, I am currently studying Religion and Cultural Heritage at the University of Groningen.

Last year, I studied in Italy where most people found Sterre very difficult to pronounce… which is why I temporarily changed my name to Stella during my stay there. So please do not be surprised if I respond when you call my colleague Stella Verkijk – I will be happy to take the message!

Andy Houwer

I joined the team in September as an intern. My responsibility at the project is starting the work on our dataset of place names relevant to the Dutch East India Company.

I am currently in the second year of the master Colonial and Global History at Leiden University. My, maybe not so very surprising, main research interest is the VOC, particularly in the eighteenth century. My research has mainly focussed on diplomatic relations and the circulation of information in South Asia. Anyone with relevant or interesting source materials is very welcome to contact me!

And when I am not busy with my studies or work, you can often find me drinking coffee or tea from slightly too large mugs.